You will score lower and have more fun on the golf course for less than the cost of a glove! close

If I Can Do It, Certainly You Can

Are you struggling to break 80 – to become a single digit golfer? I have true empathy with and for you. Empathy is a powerful tool and through my coaching, it is going to provide you with a magnificent feeling and lower golf scores!

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I love golf and golf loves me

Honestly, can you say that? I doubt you have ever thought of it in those terms. I embrace going to the golf course – I embrace the fairways, tee boxes, bunkers, the rough and yes, even the water hazards as they are all part of the game.

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Who Is Bob Geismar?

I believe golfers become brainwashed into thinking that the swing is the thing and you must always be trying to perfect the swing, when in real life, that doesn’t drop strokes nor make you happier on the course.

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You will learn that you control the entire experience of playing golf and this concept provides the platform for your success. You possess the power and no one can take it away from you!

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